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Jury Deliberations Continue in Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial – Celebrity Scoop

Jury Deliberations Continue in Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial

Jury Deliberations Heard Depp

The jury in the Johnny Depp defamation trial is back in the courtroom on Tuesday morning, continuing its work on the evidence heard during the past six weeks. The Hollywood actor has said that a recent article sullied his reputation and cost him eight figures in potential earnings. The Washington Post and Depp are preparing to defend their positions in the case. It’s still too early to know whether the article is true or false, but the jury will likely spend several hours deliberating on Tuesday morning.

Amber Heard

This case is not only gripping the public’s attention, but it could set an important precedent for victims of domestic violence. Elon Musk, who was a part of the trial, expressed his support for the ex-husband and his former partner. Elon Musk also wished the two a good future. But the jury has to decide what to rule. Here is what happened during the trial. Read on to learn more.

Johnny Depp

The jury heard more than a dozen incidents of sexual assault against Johnny Depp. Vasquez noted that Heard had to re-explain some of her testimony. In her initial testimony, she stated that Depp attacked her in a trailer park after she laughed at his tattoo. But she later corrected it to say that the incident occurred in early 2012, when the couple had just started dating.

Washington Post

The trial for the case of Heard v. Depp has entered its final day. The jury was not given much information about the case before being picked, but now they will try to rule on two claims against Heard. The actor filed a $50 million defamation suit against the actress after she published an op-ed in The Washington Post describing herself as a public figure who represents victims of domestic abuse.

Defamation suit

The jury has been tasked with determining whether two passages in the article were defamatory and the headline was accurate. The jury will use instructions on the verdict form to determine whether the statements were true or had a defamatory implication. Libel is only a crime if the defendant acted with actual malice. Heard is suing Depp for more than $50 million.


The deliberations of the jury in the case against Johnny Depp continue in the Washington District Court, where Judge Penney Azcarate instructed them on the legal process for reaching a verdict. The judge emphasized the high bar for proving a case. In this case, the jury must consider three statements made by Heard in a Washington Post op-ed as evidence. In addition to considering whether the statements are false, the jury must also decide whether they were made with “actual malice,” which means Heard knowingly made them and had reckless disregard for the truth.

Damages sought

The Damages sought after jury deliberations hearing the case of Depp v. Heard is at the center of the case. Johhny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation in a Washington Post op-ed. He is requesting a huge compensation payment for the publication of his alleged missteps, and Heard countersued for an unknown amount. The jury was released to begin deliberations today. Originally scheduled to end tomorrow, both sides rested their cases today.

Damages indefensible

On the first day of jury deliberations, Heard’s attorney attempted to push back, saying her comments were true and protected by her First Amendment rights. Chew’s attorney, on the other hand, countered that Heard did not know she was a victim of abuse. The jury was split 2-1, with one member favoring Heard and the other opposing the case.

Damages reasonable

During the jury deliberations, the jury heard testimony from a former personal assistant of Johnny and Amber Heard. She told jurors that she never saw the evidence that alleged abuse took place. She was working as a personal assistant for the actors and was paid $25 an hour. She claimed that after hearing the allegations, the actress raised her salary to $50,000 a year. She argued that she struck Depp in self-defense.

Damages excessive

The Hollywood rage over the #MeToo movement caused a backlash in the industry, resulting in producers avoiding hiring those accused of sexual abuse. Regardless of the circumstances, the controversy cost Depp millions of dollars in acting work. Rottenborn argued that Heard’s career suffered because of Adam Waldman’s comments. Heard said that despite her high test scores, she was unable to land acting gigs because of the negative image she has associated with the former actor.

Damages insufficient

The jury’s deliberations are almost over, with no evidence that Heard’s allegations are true. Heard, a former model, filed a defamation lawsuit against Depp in October 2016, claiming that the actress’s op-ed in The Washington Post had tarnished his image and hurt his career. Depp’s lawyer has argued that Heard’s statements are “fake,” stating that the allegations are a hoax. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, it is clear that damages are not sufficient, and that the jury should award the actress nothing.